Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Leerone - Care for Some Whiskey

(Cross-posted from Lestermix because of the video's ambitious filmmaking qualities)

Leerone introduced herself to me by e-mail this week. Before I saw how pretty she is, I already saw a very ambitious and successful stop-motion video unfolding:

You should go to the page on YouTube and see the credited talent that helped with producing the video, under "more info."

Monday, August 18, 2008

Communist-era Romanian "Red Western" Trilogy

For as long as Google allows, I share my recent discovery of the "Ardelenii" trilogy, the adventures of three Transylvanian brothers making their way in the American Old West, always struggling against hostile and greedy neighbors.

Profetul, Aurul si Ardelenii (1978):

Artista, Dolarii si Ardelenii (1979):

Pruncul, Petrolul si Ardelenii (1980):

I think these can serve as great exercises for learning the Romanian language as well as good, campy fun.

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